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Video Resources:

The Clement Alexander Price Lectures, The Newark Rebellion of 1967: A Historic Moment Considered brings together panelists reflecting a range of experiences to explore the many issues at the root of the six days of rioting which took place in Newark in 1967.

Consider assigning this video to place Detroit's 1967 uprising in the context of a national trend.

View the video here.


Thomas Sugrue Origins of the Urban Crisis

This book illustrates many of the factors leading up to 1967m particularly the time period after WWII. Consider assigning Chapter 4 or 5 to provide context for discussion of racial discrimination and employment statistics. Also consider Chapter 2 of Sugure for background information on 1940s housing inequality. 

Many of the primary sources used in the book are the same ones offered here to students, so looking at the way Surgrue makes connections between archival documents may create an interesting discussion.

Sidney Fine, Violence in the Model City

Consider assigning Chapter 7 after your class uses these lessons, or chapters 3&5 beforehand.