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Judge Damon Keith: A Life of Service and Great Purpose

Damon J. Keith was a man that fought tirelessly for civil rights, social justice, and equality with over 40 years of experience working within the American legal system. As a federal judge, Damon Keith had a number of landmark cases that addressed the core of racial and social inequality in America. Judge Keith was a native Detroiter who stayed involved within his community and gave back throughout his life. He has left behind a legacy of service, determination, and a spirit of excellence for future generations.

This document set will provide students with an opportunity to explore and examine some of Judge Damon Keith's work, from his ruling to integrate Pontiac Schools in the 1970's to the opening of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne State University in 2011. Students will also be able to reflect on what they may want to contribute to society within their own lifetime.

This resource includes:

1. A teacher plan to support classroom use of materials

2. A document gallery including just the primary sources

3. Additional resources such as books and documentaries that can be used in class or as homework