Archival Document Sets

Strikes: Document gallery

Child Labor, Field Work, California, c. 1960s

Children and adults harvest onions in a field, California.

How old do you think these kids are? What are they doing? What else do you notice in the picture?

Children, Pickets, Flint, Michigan, 1937

Children carry pickets in support of the strikers on Women's Day during the Flint Sit-Down Strike, Flint, Michigan.

What are these kids doing? What do their signs say?

Mining, Child Labor, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, 1910s

Photographs of children identified as "Pitt Boys" from the Newcastle District.

What do you notice about these kids and their appearance? Why do you think those things are true?

Childs Bill of Rights

Scanned from the Merrill-Palmer Institute: Edna Nobel White Collection, series 1, box 24, folder 35, part 1. Reuther Library. Written by President Herbert Hoover and distributed by the American Child Health Association between 1927-1929.

Copper Country Strike, Western Federation of Miners, Union Headquarters, 1913

How many people are in this photo? How many of them are children? Where are they? What time of year was it – how do you know?