Aftermath of Unrest: 1967-1974

The community’s response to the Civil Unrest was swift and continued for years after the events of 1967. A series of public-private partnerships formed, where city, business, and community groups joined forces to tackle the deeply entrenched conflicts. Despite these collaborations, grassroots community organizations often clashed with large business development interests. In the following years, the city persevered through the dedication of its residents to their community. 

The records in this section demonstrate Detroit residents’ shared desire to improve their city at a time systemic inequality proved difficult to overcome. Critically examine the following archival records. What initiatives were undertaken? Who led these campaigns? How were decisions made? Where were these efforts focused and when were they carried out in relation to the events of 1967? Also consider what documents are not presented or available that could tell a more complete picture of Detroit’s recovery after the Unrest. After your visit, ask yourself: What evidence might you seek out to discover what happened next?