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National Guard, Casualties, Tanya Lynn Blanding, 1967

Caption reads: "GUARD LEAVES, BUT SORROW STAYS- Some Michigan National Guard equipment rolls out of Detroit Tuesday after Civil Unrest subsided, but a woman weeps quietly as she heads for a funeral. Tanya Lynn Blanding, 4, was killed, apparently by a police or National Guard bullet, during the height of the burning, looting and killings last week. Her funeral was held Tuesday with some 200 mourners attending."

The Detroit Free Press won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the events in Detroit.

How would you feel if you were the woman in this photograph? How might you find out how she was feeling when this image was taken?

Cavanagh, Meet the Press, 1967

Mayor Jerome Cavanagh appeared on Meet the Press on July 30, 1967 to defend his leadership during the previous week.