I've Been To The Mountain Top

As promised, Dr. King returned to Memphis. He intended on leading a march despite the injunction against it. On April 3 Dr. King spoke at the city's Mason Temple. With the shutters banging from the wind and thunder rumbling in the distance, Dr. King gave one of his most stirring speeches, and what would ultimately be his last.

The full text of Dr. King's "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech can be read here.

U.S. Marshal Cato Ellis (far left) is serving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a restraining order that forbid the group from leading a march in Memphis on April 8th. Behind Dr. King are Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, James Orange and Bernard Lee (left to right). (Creator: Sellers, Barney; Date: 1968-04-03)

Ralph Abernathy (right) applauds Martin Luther King, Jr. as he delivers the "Mountaintop" speech at Memphis's Mason Temple. (Creator: Withers, Ernest C., 1922-2007; Date: 1968-04-03)