Victory for Local 1733

As mass meetings continued in Memphis, local merchants and Federal officials increased the pressure on Mayor Loeb and other city officials to settle the strike. Finally on April 16, city and union officials formalized a strike settlement. An agreement was adopted by city council by a vote of 12 to 1 and Mayor Loeb signed it. The agreement included fifteen cents per hour wage increase, dues check off, memorandum of understanding, promotion and an end to racial discrimination.

For a time, AFSCME 1733 became the largest single union in the city with 6000 members. Bill Lucy commented later that the strike went beyond Memphis, and a "new kind of respect and a new kind of recognition" for sanitation workers developed across the country.

Jerry Wurf celebrates with officers of local 1733 and supporters after ratification. (Creator: Copley, Richard L.; Date: 1968-04-16)

Memphis clerics supported the sanitation workers. (Date: 1968-04)

Cartoon about the success of AFSCME and civil rights leaders winning the sanitation workers union recognition and improved working conditions after a 65 day strike. (Creator: Bernard Seaman; Date: 1968-04)

Key terms for the contract AFSCME Local 1733 signed with the City of Memphis to improve working conditions for sanitation workers. (Date: 1968-04)

Cartoon showing the success of AFSCME to make the Memphis sanitation workers department a union shop. (Creator: Bellandang; Date: 1968-04-12)